Winter is the star attraction here in the Lapland. Your favorite forested hiking paths are transformed into sprawling snow-covered ski trails. The major rivers freeze over: Ounasjoki, Kemijoki, Meltausjoki and Raudanjoki, making conditions ideal for snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing, or just a romantic stroll on the river ice. Enjoy the majesty of a reindeer or husky ride by sled as you pretend to be your favorite Game of Thrones character. Feeling bold? Join Dave for breathing exercies after a sauna and before an ice swim to supercharge your immune system pursuant to the teachings of international fitness superstar Wim “the Iceman” Hof and his program ´Never Sick Again.

As the temperatures dip, Ounasvaara converts from a lush green mountain to a snowy white ski resort (located just 6,5 kms from Päämaja), where you can race down the ski slopes by snowboard, apline ski, winter toboggan or rent snowshoes and go for a picturesque hike down the Winter Trail that snakes around the fjell. The slopes are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

During the frosty winter months, the population of Rovaniemi swells, creating a perfect atmosphere for carefree nightlife, enriching social activities or total quiet and romantic isolation in front of a warm fire with a loved one. For groups, Päämaja is a perfect place to spend your Christmas holiday. Tastefully decorated in the local Lappish and Scandinavian style, no need to leave the chalet as a personal chef can take be arranged to meet your heart’s desire as you and your family watch holiday movies on the movie theater screen located in the lounge.

Take the opportunity to visit the easily accessible by snowshoe Laavus (English: Lean-to´s) roast marshmellows until they are golden brown for a S´more or go local! There are over 100 Laavus, and a handful of Kota´s (Tipis) all of which are free to use. Cook Makkara (Finnish sausage) over the open fire. Go super local! talk about how much you enjoy Makkara while you eat them 😉 if you are unaware of Finns afinity for Makkara, grab a local and delight in his or her sheer ecstasy in eating honestly pretty common food.

Whatever your fancy, be it physical demanding or luxuriously basking in the fire’s warmth. Wonderful memories are waiting to be made, here in Laplands beating heart, Rovaniemi.

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